One of the priorities of OMNITEC is its commitment to the environment and contribution to energy savings in the hospitality sector, improving the comfort of guests and users in the facilities and minimising supply costs.

The OMNITEC range of energy savers, sensors and comfort devices mean you can carefully manage the equipment in the different rooms to optimise energy savings and comfort depending on occupancy; achieving savings of up to 60% in electricity use.

For this reason we offer 3 different solutions, to meet every need.





A range of products designed for hotels that uses a simple card to save energy in the room.

Built-in device for a 302 box

Available in 2 models: simple relay (works with any card) and smart (recognizes the guest MiFare card).

When the card is extracted, power is turned off.

It has a pilot light for an easy identification in the dark.

External installation device.

It doesn’t need a box.

It has a pilot light for an easy identification in the dark and a 5 sec. shutdown delay.

PLUS System

The ENKOA Systems are designed as an evolution of energy management, coexisting with access controls who doesn’t need a card to access the room.

The system consists of 3 elements:

  1. A non card DIN rail mounted Wireless controller;
  2. Wireless magnetic contacts for doors and windows;
  3. Infrared sensors on the ceiling.

Every single component is connected to the other in Wireless, it doesn’t need any wiring.


  • ENERGY SAVING. It turns power off when the guest leaves the room, to prevent from air conditioning, lighting, etc. to be left on.
  • CARDLESS. No card required to operate.
  • COMFORT. Temporized courtesy light and possibility to control the access to the minibar, phone, water, etc.
  • WIRELESS COMMUNICATION WITH SENSORS. It receives the information sent by sensors and acts accordingly.


Attraverso un Gateway che riceve informazioni wifi e che dialoga con le centraline, le informazioni di occupazione di camera possono essere disponibili al ricevimento e variare le impostazioni della camera.

Control Unit

Magnetic window/door contact

Infrared sensor



ROBOTBAS solutions for hotel energy management

Robotbas offers products and services for the automation of hotels, facilitating a complete, simple and personalized management that includes from the design and manufacture of the products, to the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the same.

System maintenance is very simple. Thanks to the C3 bus technology developed by Robot, the room devices are easy to install—plug and play at its best. In addition, communication of the devices through the C3 bus instead of connecting all of them to the central device makes it possible to significantly reduce the amount of wiring necessary, reducing costs and simplifying their assembly.

The software is configured using forms, with the possibility of establishing different levels of user roles. Using Quicklook, you can get an overview of all the rooms in real time.

All this facilitates both the installation process and maintenance, as the facility’s own technical team can manage the system. ROBOTBAS also provides its customers with maintenance and remote support services for extra peace of mind for owners, if necessary.

ROBOTBAS mechanisms are compatible with JungBticinoNiessen and Simon, enabling the unification of the design and image of the hotel. Likewise, our own manufacturing makes it possible for us to offer our clients imagery customised according to their needs and designs.

Presence control

The algorithm developed by ROBOTBAS makes it possible to find out whether the room is occupied or not. Therefore, temperature and lighting can go on standby when the rooms are empty, and the hotel’s service staff will know the status of the room.

Temperature control

The displays can be managed by users to adjust room climate within certain parameters specified by the property. When the controller detects that the room is empty, it adopts energy savings mode, keeping the room temperature at a comfortable level with minimal consumption.

Lighting control

It’s possible to configure different lighting scenarios depending on the needs of every client. For example, a room entry scenario, another for reading, or another for resting, among others. As with the climate, when the controller determines that the room is empty, all lights will be switched off, thus keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

Relative humidity control

Relative humidity sensors make it possible to maintain room humidity levels at a pre-established percentage. When the user is not in the room, a dehumidification process is carried out, in order to avoid problems with mould or deterioration of furniture.

Water control

The bathroom becomes part of the entire domotic system of the room thanks to AQUA, the new ROBOTBAS intelligent showers. Those device provide the guest comfort and, at the same time, optimize and reduce the consumption of water and energy.

Totally connected

Your guest can manage all our solutions in the room with his Smartphone, using an App.

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza Playa d’en Bossa

Facade animation

Facade animation is one of the most innovative solutions offered by ROBOTBAS to date. It’s possible to design interplays of lights wherein owners will be able to specify the intensity and colour they want to give their building’s façade at any given time. What’s more, we offer the option of designing animations customised for each client, filling their facades with stunning choreographies brimming with colour.

A fine example of our work is the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza. The work of ROBOTBAS on its facade offers a dynamic show in living colour that definitely makes an impression. The property has absolute control over the dimming and colour of the lighting on the hotel’s facade during a certain time slot; outside that period, it’s the guest who controls the light in their terrace.

Industrial Control

ROBOTBAS has more than 38 years of experience in technical installations. Every industrial control system is aimed at providing solutions for the specific needs of every customer, offering specialised products, simplifying their use and maintenance, and integrating them into the rest of the installation’s control systems.

    Products designed using robust technology, specifically created for industrial environments.
    ROBOTBAS incorporates a front keypad that simplifies the wiring of equipment.
    Possibility of integration with any equipment via Modbus/TP or Modbus/IP.
    The alarms, graphics, SCADA and the regulating program can be customised on the client’s request.
    Instant feedback from the rooms, which makes it possible to work as one single block and thus forecast, manage and control resource consumption in the machine room.
    Control of all components of the installation from one single system, simplifying supervision and maintenance.