One of the priorities of OMNITEC is its commitment to the environment and contribution to energy savings in the hospitality sector, improving the comfort of guests and users in the facilities and minimising supply costs.

The OMNITEC range of energy savers, sensors and comfort devices mean you can carefully manage the equipment in the different rooms to optimise energy savings and comfort depending on occupancy; achieving savings of up to 60% in electricity use.

For this reason we offer 2 different solutions, to meet every need.




A range of products designed for hotels that uses a simple card to save energy in the room.

Built-in device for a 302 box

Available in 2 models: simple relay (works with any card) and smart (recognizes the guest MiFare card).

When the card is extracted, power is turned off.

It has a pilot light for an easy identification in the dark.

External installation device.

It doesn’t need a box.

It has a pilot light for an easy identification in the dark and a 5 sec. shutdown delay.


iSWITCH is designed as an evolution of energy management, coexisting with access controls who doesn’t need a card to access the room.

The system consists of 3 elements:

  1. A non card DIN rail mounted Wireless controller;
  2. Wireless magnetic contacts for doors and windows;
  3. Infrared sensors on the ceiling.

Every single component is connected to the other in Wireless, it doesn’t need any wiring.


  • ENERGY SAVING. It turns power off when the guest leaves the room, to prevent from air conditioning, lighting, etc. to be left on.
  • CARDLESS. No card required to operate.
  • COMFORT. Temporized courtesy light and possibility to control the access to the minibar, phone, water, etc.
  • WIRELESS COMMUNICATION WITH SENSORS. It receives the information sent by sensors and acts accordingly.


An optional Gateway communicates with the energy savers and sends via wifi the informations received to front desk’s computers. There, hotel staff can operate on the energy savers and modify the operational parameters (temperature, lights on/off,  etc.)

Control Unit

Magnetic window/door contact

Infrared sensor