Since the beginning Omnitec has had the aim of offering the hospitality market a range of technologically advanced solutions that are also easy to use, install and maintain.

We value one of the most critical aspects: your time, both to understanding the system and to react to your clients' requests.

Every solution design by Omnitec follows this principle, that is our "ethic code".

We focus our attention to access control, thinking to the peculiarities of the many different structures in the hospitality sector.

For this reason we designed solutions for three main sectors: Bed & Breakfast, Business Hotels and Luxury & Boutique Hotels.

At first our products were stand-alone but today, thanks to our experience and technological progress, we can offer online products, with remote management and control via Smartphone App.

This is a plus for our clients, who can optimize their work and provide access to their clients in different ways: RFID cards, Bluetooth App, Numerical Codes.

To make your guests' stay in the hotel a pleasant experience, to be reccommended and repeated, our offer is accompanied by products such as minibars, room safe and energy saving devices.

Our company has grown thanks to the approval recognized us by our customers and now we can count on the support of partners all over the world; thanks to them we can meet your needs wherever you want to start your business.

We have grown thanks to our customers' recognition and now we can count on international partners to satisfy the needs of the customer everywhere in the world.

We work aware of the fact that our products are only a part of the economic investments of a hotel.

Our company departments, starting with R&D, have always worked following this guideline: to offer our customers the best technological solution at the most competitive cost!