Our environment require us to have a responsible attitude and this is the target of the Energy Management systems: less energy consumption with simple and easy solutions.

We thought 2 different solutions, to meet the needs of every hotel.




A product line that uses the room card to activate the lights in the room.

Recessed reader for 302 box

This model has 2 version: simple with 1 relais, Mifare with 2 relays.
When the card is taken from the reader, the lights on the room turn off.

Surface reader

No recessed box needed. It's installed on the wall.


iSWITCH is an intelligent energy management system, that gives high comfort to the guest wihout his interaction. Designed to co-exist with high tech access control systems, who don't need a card to access the room.
The system consists of 3 basic elements:

  1. The control unit, installed on the room electrical panel's DIN rail;
  2. Magnetic contacts (wireless) installed on door and windows;
  3. Passive infrared sensor (wireless) installed on the ceiling of room and bathroom.

All these elements communicate wireless with the control unit, simplifying and making the installation cost effective.

The system's operation starts when the guest opens the door and the magnetic contact on the door informs the control unit to turn on the lights.


After the control unit has turned the lights on and the guest enters the room, the infrared sensor identifies him and sends the command to turn the air conditioning on.

While the guest is in the room, the system stay put but, when a window is opened, the magnetic contact on it informs the control unit to turn off the air conditioning.

The systems keeps the room in the status "occupied" (with lights and air conditioning on) until the magnetic contact on the door detects an opening. When this occurs, the infrared sensor scans the room for 30" and, if it doesn't detect a movement, it turns off lights and air. Otherwise, it keeps everything as it is.

This process starts only with a door opening, otherwise everything will remain in the same state, with lights and air on.

We recommend the installation of one infrared sensor in the bathroom too, to have a complete situation of the entire room and avoiding a second guest in the shower to be left without lights and air conditioning in case the first guest went out the room.

If this case is given and the second guest in the bathroom has been left without lights, it is sufficient for him to be detected by the infrared in the room to have the system turn on again.


With an optional gateway that communicates wirelss with the control units, all the informations about room status and variations to the room settings can be done by the Hotel staff at reception.

Control Unit

Magnetic contact for door/window

Infrared sensor